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Shipping Policy

We offer fast, free shipping to most of the U.S., with exceptions for AL and HI, which carry variable shipping charges. We process all orders within 48 hours and we ship exclusively through USPS.

Return & Exchange Policy

For returns, please email us at We do not offer exchanges.

Warranty Terms

When used properly the Beluga solar heating device is manufactured to allow customers years of use to heat their pools and provide cost savings on their pool heating bills. The device is warrantied against manufacturer defects for one year from purchase. Defects may include any abnormalities associated with the molding process of the unit.

Due to the multitude of variables associated with the use of any solar product we CANNOT warranty the effectiveness of the unit. Variables may include but are not limited to the length of hose, the color of hose, placement of hose, the volume of water running through the hose, and the amount of sunlight available to the hose.


To avoid injury remove the beluga device when the pool is in use.

To avoid tripping hazards always use caution when placing the hose on or across walkways.

To avoid pump damage always consult pool pump manufacturer specifications prior to connecting the Beluga device.

The Beluga unit is not designed to pump water to roofs of buildings or high levels. 

Do Not attempt to lift levels higher than 5ft above the water level. Doing so will cause damage to the Beluga unit.

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