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Beluga Pool Solutions a family-owned and operated company founded to solve a common problem in a unique way. We strive to help our customers create an efficient, easy heating solution for their pools


Growing up with a pool in the backyard, I’ve witnessed many of the hassles that pool owners can face – everything from broken pipes to algae to damage caused by chemical imbalances. Now as a pool owner myself, I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than a nice clean pool that’s too cold for swimming.

And traditional heaters are expensive! In fact, my father was so frustrated with high energy costs that when his heater finally broke, he was determined to never heat his pool with gas again. My father’s solutions were amazing. He’d embed plastic pipe in the concrete or weave yards of PVC pipe through the chain-link fence. It seemed there was no limit to what he’d do to keep the pool warm.

For years, I struggled with the same need to heat my pool cost-effectively. Then one sunny afternoon, I grabbed a hose that was lying on the deck and realized that the water coming out of it was HOT. Not just warm, but HOT. I instantly thought, “How can I get a nice stream of that hot water into the pool without it overflowing?” I knew I had to figure out a way for the pool water to flow through the hose.

Not wanting to add new connections to the filtering system (and cause splicing lines, drainage or freezing issues when the pool was closed), I worked on an adaptor that would connect to the pool water inlet. It had to be easy to install or remove. After some thought, the prototype for the Beluga Solar Pool Heating Device was born.

Since the mid-1990s, I’ve used this system to heat my 22,000-gallon inground pool with remarkable results. My pool has easily gone from 55ºF at the opening to over 80ºF in just a few days, thanks to the Beluga Solar Pool Heating Device.

The constant encouragement of friends visiting our pool led me to explore selling these units. Sure enough, there was nothing like it on the market. Now you can see for yourself why pool lovers across the country are excited about the little Pool Heater that makes a Whale of a Difference!

Happy Heating,


Don Symonds

Owner, Operator

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